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Integrated Email Security Service

Providing an assetless secure email environment with antivirus and spam filter functionality

Email Security Solution - IIJ Secure MX Service

Every year, the various forms of risk that our Email systems face from external attacks and internal leaks continue to grow every year, and has the potential to inflict substantial damages to a business The ‘IIJ Secure MX Service’ developed by the IIJ group is packed with security measures such as antivirus and Email filtering functions, allowing us to provide a safe Email environment to our users.

IIJ Secure MX Service Features

Our proprietary filtering engine, Threat Mail Filter, protects your networks from threats lurking in emails.

Multilayered protection using
Multilayered protection using

Leveraging our position as an independent vendor, we have adopted engines from multiple companies for our spam filter and antivirus scanner. This multilayered defense prevents dangerous emails from entering your mailbox.

Multilayered protection using
Comprehensive functionality

Provides all necessary functions, from threat and misdirection countermeasures to BCP support

Multilayered protection using
Setup is easy!

IIJ Secure MX Service can be configured to match subscriber needs and systems.

Robust security features for your peace of mind!

Subscribe to the IIJ Secure MX Service to improve security! Our proprietary filtering engine, Threat Mail Filter, protects your networks from threats lurking in emails.

Multilayered protection using engines from multiple companies

Security vendors typically only offer their in-house engines. As an independent vendor, IIJ uses commercial engines from multiple companies to provide multilayered protection from email threats.

Comprehensive protection with proprietary filters

Fifteen robust filters allow for detailed customization. Setting conditions to match the security level mitigates risk.

Sandboxing prevents unknown threats

Server-side sandboxing function judges the “behavior” of files. It blocks unknown threats.

Detects threats through behavior
Detects threats through behavior
Blocks threats before they reach users
Blocks threats before they reach users
Also supports quarantining and tagging
Also supports quarantining and tagging

Various security functions available in a single solution

For more details on the IIJ Secure MX Service, click here
(Some functions may not be available overseas).

Access Management Solution – ‘SecureCube / Access Check’

Overseas offices have a tendency of a constantly changing staff presence as a result of headquarters staff being stationed there, and so on. It then becomes vital that a proper access management system is put in place to prevent information leaks.
By incorporating NRI SecureTechnologies‘patented access management tool ‘SecureCube / Access Check’, we can allow our clients to monitor and manage information within the company, without affecting any already existing systems.

Feature 1.

There’s no need for servers or installing agents to the clients, thus minimizing any effect to the already existing systems.

Feature 2.

Supports Access Control based on policies

Feature 3.

Increase monitoring efficiency and accuracy with the logging

CCTV/ Command Center Solution

Aside from IT security, we also provide physical security solutions in the form of CCTV-related services.
With the NVR/VMS System linked to the Biznet GIO cloud, we can combine software such as facial recognition and movement detection into a command center. We provide consultation and system integration services to our customers requests.

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